With Gratitude & Fortitude,
We Make It Happen!

A digital art exhibition like no other...

This year, we proudly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Anderson Primary School. It is a milestone marking two decades of commitment to nurturing Andersonians as all-round learners with passion, leaders with heart, and citizens of character. With a firm belief to cultivate character qualities and many notable achievements in the arts past and present, indeed, what better way to commemorate the special occasion than with a showcase of the vibrant arts culture in Anderson.

For the first time, we venture into the digital space to present this art exhibition. Aptly themed ‘With Gratitude & Fortitude, We Make It Happen!’, it features curated artworks of students and teachers in various mediums. The collection of artworks presents the multifaceted and holistic art making experiences in shaping the artistry of our student artists. While there were many challenges we had to overcome this year, the joy of and commitment to artmaking remain blazingly strong.

Enjoy this labor of love put together by the teachers and students of Anderson Primary.

Students' Exhibition

Teachers' Exhibition

Our 20th Anniversary Digital Showcase

Though the much-awaited People. Passion. Poise III could not take place, it did not douse our students’ determination to still stage a concert as a tribute to the school for having given them many opportunities to pursue their interests in music and the performing arts.

The digital concert features students from our Anderson Songbirds (Lower Primary) and our distinctive Performing Arts groups in pre-recorded modes and ensemble settings. This concert fondly recollects our passion in the Arts, and demonstrates every student performer’s inner resilience to make things happen.

Primary 6 Digital Music Composition

Music has always been a source of inspiration that lifts the hearts of many. As part of the P6 ANDventure Music programme, students with positive dispositions and high interest in the learning of music participated in a Digital Music Composition module (pilot programme) as part of their post-PSLE enrichment module. They learnt how to compose an original song, with lyrics and melody, based on the theme of ‘Gratitude'.

Today, we are proud to present to you these songs, specially written and dedicated to every Anderson student and teacher. May these songs be an encouragement to the teachers who shaped and impacted the lives of the P6s throughout their primary school years, and an encouragement to every student to live life with a heart of gratitude.

The Pathway to Gratitude

The Fervent Four
Janani Balamurugan P6.6, Valerie Kang P6.6,
Song Xiang Ning P6.2, Tysha Qashrina P6.1

The Way

Khalis Idris Bin Anuar P6.4, Ryan Ng P6.6
Jesse Chew P6.4, Yap Zhuo Xun P6.6


Solar 3
Eva Ng P6.6, Astin Lao P6.5 Lim En Yu P6.5,
Chloe Tan P6.1, Janel Pay P6.5


Chit Myat Noe Maung P6.3, Nico Lim P6.3,
Charmaine Wang P6.3, Joelle Chua P6.4, Kayla Chong P6.4